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NEWS: Rescuing the Beast (Obama's Limo) from Irish Spud Gate. - PDF FILE
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Scanner Programming Files - FedCom Scanner Files & Search ScanList Spreadsheet of 138-150.8 , 162-174 , 406-420 , 380-400:
Red Color Text Confirmed "P25" being Active/Online/Checked in 2016

SoCalFedCom - 2016

SoCalFedCom pages gets updated throughout the year.

SoCal Federal Ships-Boats

SoCal Federal Government Ships & Boats.

ShipTrackingAIS Website - http://shiptrackingais.blogspot.com/

Military Vessel Ship Tracking AIS page.

More links & Custom maps for US Coast Guard, Cruise Ship,Yachts AIS tracking.

Other Federal Links:

NOAA's Ship Tracker Web Site - http://shiptracker.noaa.gov/
NOAA's Google Map Version - http://shiptracker.noaa.gov/gShiptracker/map.aspx

SeaWaves - Port Visits (Navy Ships) - http://www.seawaves.com/portvisits.asp