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Scanner Programming Files (NEW) - FedCom Scanner Files & Search ScanList Spreadsheet of 138-150.8 , 162-174 , 406-420 , 380-400:
Red Color Text Confirmed "P25" being Active/Online/Checked in 2014

SoCalFedCom - 2015

SoCalFedCom pages gets updated throughout the year.

Northern California Federal Communications

Northern California Federal Communications - Mostly around San Francisco area.

Northern California reports are welcome to be added to the list. So it could be shared with others.

                            NorCalFedCom - Northern California Federal Communications - YahooGroup Link

San Francisco - DOJ 25 Cities Interoperability Frequency List
168.7625 (input 162.9000) ctcss 167.9 - San Francisco "SF MA V-A"
171.6125 (input 163.7750) P25 NAC 653 - SF FED-V
409.0125 (input 418.0125) ctcss 167.9 - San Francisco "SF MA U-A"
410.4125 (input 419.4125) P25 NAC 653 - SF FED-U
483.1375 (input 486.1375) ctcss 156.7 - SF MA T-A
868.0125 (input 823.0125) ctcss 156.7 - ITAC-4 (8TAC94)
45.86000 (input 39.46000) ctcss 156.7 - CLEMARS 7 or LLAW5

The 25 Cities Project Federal Interoperability Channels
SF MA U-A (UHF Stand Alone 125 watt repeater - Analog)
SF MA V-A (VHF Stand Alone 125 watt repeater - Analog)
CLEMARS 7 (LLAW1) (Low Band repeater)
SF MA T-A (UHF-T Band Stand Alone 125 watt repeater - Analog)
8TAC94 (800 MHz Stand Alone 125 watt repeater- Analog)
SF FED-V (VHF P25 Stand Alone 125 watt repeater)
SF FED-U (UHF P25 Stand Alone 125 watt repeater)
All of the above repeaters can be networked together.
(VHF P25 Multicast Voted System)

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