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Scanner Programming Files (NEW) - FedCom Scanner Files & Search ScanList Spreadsheet of 138-150.8 , 162-174 , 406-420 , 380-400:
Red Color Text Confirmed "P25" being Active/Online/Checked in 2014

SoCalFedCom - 2015

SoCalFedCom pages gets updated throughout the year.

SoCalFedCom 406-420MHz

406.0000-420.0000mhz - Steps 12.5kHz - Narrow band FM and AM
406-410 will be Repeaters  , 415-419 will be inputs  ,   411-414 will be Simplex Onlyinput would be 9MHz higher

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Extra Notes for more research before being added to the above list:

406.2750 - P25 
412.8875 - NAC 293 - P25 - 10Aug2008/22Sept2009
415.2750 - P25
415.0500 - P25 - unknown NAC (heard from Fullerton area)
412.4500 - P25 - FBI

1 comment:

  1. Hearing military traffic in San Diego on 418.050, seems to be simplex, talking about the Major, the 'grinder' (a place), a presentation for visitors.

    Perhaps a 'Commander's Net', or Admin, or Operations Net, at a local base?