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Scanner Programming Files - FedCom Scanner Files & Search ScanList Spreadsheet of 138-150.8 , 162-174 , 406-420 , 380-400:
Red Color Text Confirmed "P25" being Active/Online/Checked in 2016

SoCalFedCom - 2016

SoCalFedCom pages gets updated throughout the year.

Miscellaneous Federal Notes

Southern California Miscellaneous Federal Communications 2011 Information:

Check the new page with RadioReference - Federal information on it.


FBI has approximately 3,000 LMR system sites in the United States

DEA currently has 800 LMR system sites in the United States

ATF maintains 300 LMR system sites in the United States

 The 25 Cities Project Federal Interoperability ChannelsCITY CHANNEL NAME: LOS ANGELES
LA FIO1 (VHF P25 Voted System)
LA FIO2 (VHF P25 Voted System)
LA FIO3 (VHF P25 Voted System)

P25 conventional system / single frequency trunk on the XT series scanners.
Talkgroup: 4095 - which is the default TG for Motorola DIU's (Digital Interface Unit)
Talkgroup: 65535 - Other vendors default TG.
Talkgroup: 1 - Default TG


SoCal Border Patrol - UNIT/STATION ID'S

Border Patrol unit designators / Call signs

Alpha # =
Bravo # = Brown Field
Charlie # = Campo
Delta # = Detention
Echo # = El Cajon
Foxtrot = Helicopter
Hotel # =
Kilo # =
Romeo # = Radio Tech
Sierra # = San Clemente
Tango # = Temecula
India # = Imperial Beach
Mike # = Maintenance
Victor # = Chula Vista
Whiskey # = San Ysidro (?)
BP# =
LA# = Los Angeles
Xray# = '(?- 820 on 165.875)

Station ID's:
820 Chula Vista Dispatch
822 San Clemente
823 Temecula
824 Chula Vista Radio Shop
825 Campo Detention Center
826 Ocotillo
827 San Ysidro
829 Jacumba
831 San Ysidro Border Station
845 Tecate
727 SR94 Checkpoint
728 I8 Checkpoint

Last updated: Pre 1999

Other Unit Designators list around the United States:

CBP - Identifier Codes

AlphaInvestigations (ICE)
BravoBorder Patrol
CharlieCommunications Division
Charlie-100NLECC Orlando, FL (nationwide communications center)
Charlie GolfUS Coast Guard
Charlie X-RayNOAA NMF
DeltaPort Headquarters
GolfICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)
IndiaCBP Field Operations
KiloK-9 Enforcement
LimaAviation Personnel
MikeMarine Operations
Papa? (used by IRS units in Houston)
RomeoCBP Field Offices
SierraInternal Affairs
TangoICE Task Force
X-RayAir Support
ZuluSpecial assignments

CBP - Border Patrol Unit IDs

RomeoRapid Response Team (in use Rio Grande City)
Whiskey HotelWackenhut Contract Guards (in use near El Paso)
X-RayBorder Patrol Agents (in use in San Antonio)
ZuluBORTAC units

CBP  - Vehicle Identifier Codes

CharlieFord Freestyle
EchoDodge Charger, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
FoxtrotDodge Magnum
HotelArmored GMC Yukon, Armored Ford Bronco, Jeep Rubicon
KiloChevy 2500 Truck (Railroad truck), Chevy 1500, Ford F250
MikeChevy Tahoe, Hummer H1 & H2, Ford Excursion, Jeep Rubicon
PapaFord Minivan, Chevy 2500 Van, Dodge 3500 Van
Uniform15 Passenger Van
ZuluDune Buggy
Mike-RomeoMobile Radio Portable Unit (X-Ray Vehicles)
RR Forum: Customs-service-ice-cbp-unit-designators
RR Wiki: CBP Office of Air and Marine - Identifier Codes
30-87.975MHz FM in 25kHz steps
108-138MHz AM in 25kHz steps
138-144MHz AM & FM, AM in 25kHz steps, FM in 12.5kHz steps
148-150.8MHz AM & FM, AM in 25kHz steps, FM in 12.5kHz steps
162-174MHz FM in 12.5kHz steps
225-400MHz AM in 25kHz steps as well as various FM bandwidths & steps for tactical data links & wideband FM air/ground circuits
240-320MHz FM in 25kHz steps for UHF SATCOM downlinks & uplinks
380-400MHz FM in 12.5kHz steps for military simplex & repeater tactical & land mobile radio net comms
406-420MHz FM in 12.5kHz steps for federal simplex & repeater land mobile radio comms

National Interoperability Field Operations Guide

* NIFOG version 1.4 – Rotated for Viewing (PDF, 98 pages - 532 KB)
* NIFOG version 1.4 – For Professional Printing (PDF, 98 pages - 628 KB)
* NIFOG version 1.4 – Resized for PDA Viewing (PDF, 98 pages - 905 KB)
* NIFOG version 1.4 – What's New (PDF, 35 pages - 241 KB)
* Programming Guide for Interoperability Radio Channels (PDF, 3 pages - 20.2 KB)
* Programming Template for Interoperability Radio Channels (XLS, 108 KB)
NIFOG YahooGroup - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NIFOG/