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SoCalFedCom - 2016

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Navy-wide Trunked Radio System - ELMR

Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) - Navy-wide Trunked Radio System

SystemID:14C , NAC:140 , WACN:BEE00

Navy Regional Operation Centers (ROC) Talkgroups

Radio Maintenance Talkgroups

Navy Region Northwest (NRNW)
WA-Site 101 -

WA-Site 102 -

WA-Site 103 -

WA-Site 104 -

WA-Site 106 -

WA-Site 107 -

WA-NAS Whidbey Island

WA-Site 109 -

WA-Site 110 -

WA-Site 111 -

WA-Site 112 -

WA-Site 113 -

WA-Site 114 -

Naval Air Station Whidbey

Naval Base Kitsap Talkgroups

Navy Region Southeast (NRSE) - ELMR System

NAS Jacksonville, FL

NS Mayport, FL

NSB Kings Bay, GA

NAS Key West, FL

NWS Charleston, SC

NAS Meridian, MS

NSA Panama City, FL

NCBC Gulfport, MS

NAS Pensacola, FL

Saufley Field, FL

NAS Whiting Field, FL

NOLF Choctaw, FL

NOLF Evergreen, AL

NOLF Brewton, AL

NOLF Barin, AL

NSB Kings Bay, GA 2

NAS Corpus Christi, TX

NAS Kingsville, TX

NAS JRB New Orleans

Joint Base Charleston

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Jacksonville Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Key West Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Kingsville Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Meridian Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Pensacola Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Whiting Field Talkgroups

Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport Talkgroups

Naval Station Mayport Talkgroups

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Talkgroups

Naval Support Activity Mid South Talkgroups

Naval Support Activity Panama City Talkgroups

Naval Weapons Station Charleston Talkgroups

Navy Outlying Fields (NOLF) Talkgroup

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA)

VA-NS Norfolk

VA-JEB Little Creek

VA-NAS Oceana

VA-Norfolk Naval Shipyard

VA-NSA Hampton RD-NW Annex

VA-NWS Yorktown

WV-NIOC Sugar Grove

PA-NSA Mechanicsburg

NJ-NWS Earle 290

NJ-NWS Earle 291


CT-NSB New London

PA-Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Oceana/Dam Neck Annex Talkgroups

Naval Station Newport Talkgroups

Naval Station Norfolk Talkgroups

Naval Support Activity Northwest Annex Talkgroups

Naval Weapons Station Earle Talkgroups

Norfolk Naval Shipyard Talkgroups

Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Talkgroups

Naval Submarine Base New London Talkgroups

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard Talkgroups

Navy Region Midwest (NRMW)

IN-USNWC Crane 342

IN-USNWC Crane 343

IN-USNWC Crane 344

IL-GLNTC N. Chicago

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Talkgroups

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Talkgroups

Navy Region Southwest (NRSW)

CA-San Diego 501 - (East)
CA-San Diego 502 - (Balboa Park)
CA-San Diego 503 - (NB Point Loma - Mount Soledad)
CA-Site 504 - (NALF San Clemente Island NORTH)
CA-Site 505 - (NALF San Clemente Island WEST CENTRAL)
CA-Site 506 - (NALF San Clemente Island SOUTH)
CA- WPNSTA Seal Beach

CA-Site 509 - (NB Ventura County/NAS Point Mugu)
CA-Site 511 - (NOLF San Nicolas Island SOUTH)
CA-NAS Lemoore

CA-NSWC Corona

CA-Presidio of Monterey - (NSA Monterey)
CA-Site 525 - (NALF San Clemente Island EAST CENTRAL)
CA-San Diego 528 - (NB San Diego 32nd Street Naval Station)
CA-Site 530 -  (NOLF San Nicolas Island WEST CENTRAL)
NV-NAS Fallon

Need site number info from Scanner or Pro96com Software Reports for these sites.  Email them to the address on top of this page.  Thanks!

Site 5xx - NAF El Centro CA - 385.0625 , 385.3125 , 385.9000 , 386.1875 , 386.4875 , 386.6375
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon (Main base) - 386.1120 386.2750 386.4250 386.5750 386.7250 386.9375 388.0875 388.2375 388.3875 388.5375
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 386.6750 386.9750 388.1500 388.3000 388.4500 388.6000
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 386.3625 386.5125 386.8125 386.9625
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 380.0750 380.4250 380.5750 380.8750
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 380.1750 380.3750 380.5250
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 380.6375 381.1125 381.8375
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 385.3500 386.0625 386.2125
Site 5xx - NAS Fallon - 381.0125 381.1750 381.7375
Site 5xx - NAWS China Lake - 381.4250 381.6250 381.8500 385.8000 385.9625 387.3750 387.6375 389.0250
Site 5xx - NAWS China Lake - 380.1750 380.4375 380.6375 380.9000 381.1125 381.3375 381.7750 381.9750
Site 5xx - NAWS China Lake - 380.5375 380.6875 380.8375 380.9125 380.9875 381.1625 381.9250
Site 5xx - NAWS China Lake - 380.5125 380.7625 381.6875 387.2250 387.5250 387.7875 387.9500
Site 5xx - NAWS China Lake - 380.4625 380.6625 380.9500 380.9625 381.2000

Federal Fire Department, San Diego Talkgroups

Naval Base San Diego Talkgroups

Naval Base Coronado Talkgroups

Naval Base Point Loma Talkgroups

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach Talkgroups

Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Talkgroups

Naval Base Ventura County Talkgroups

Naval Support Activity Monterey Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Lemoore Talkgroups

Naval Air Station Fallon Talkgroups

Navy Region Europe, Africa Southwest Asia (EURAFSWA)

Sigonella NSA I, Sicily, Italy

USAB: Caserma Ederle

Operations Talkgroups (Italy)

Navy Region Japan

Misawa Air Base

USN - Sasebo-shi


Misawa Air Base Talkgroups

USN - Sasebo-shi Talkgroups


The National Enterprise Land Mobile Radio program consists of implementing a P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system to support the Navy's first responders.
The ELMR System supports:
All sites have been assigned "Zones" respective to their network.  (i.e., 501 means Zone 5, Site 1).

Sites 5-xxx (5xx) - (Talkgroups: 23xxx) , (RadioIDs: 121xxxxx , 131xxxxx)               - Navy Region Northwest (NRNW).

Sites 2-xxx (2xx) - (Talkgroups: 28xxx & 29xxx) - Navy Region Southeast (NRSE).

Sites 3-xxx (3xx) - (Talkgroups: 25xxx) - Navy Region Midwest (NRMW).

Sites 2-xxx (2xx) - (Talkgroups: 27xxx) , (RadioIDs: 200xxxx / 301xxx , 302xxx) - Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA).

Sites 5-xxx (5xx) - (Talkgroups: 24xxx) , (RadioIDs: 22xxxxx , 32xxxxx , 503xxx , 504xxx) - Navy Region Southwest (NRSW).

Sites 6-xxx (6xx) - (Talkgroups: 20xxx) - Navy Region Europe, Africa Southwest Asia (EURAFSWA)

Sites 7-xxx (7xx) - Talkgroups: 56xxx) - Navy Region Japan

Navy Region South (NRSO). (Note: The former Region Navy Region South (NRS) will be incorporated into NRSE)

The radio system is comprised of all Motorola components and only Motorola parts are compatible with the system, no substitutes.

The ELMR System will also provide Dispatch Sites, Network Management Sites, Key Management Sites, and Interoperability equipment.The six regions will be controlled by Zone Cores located in NRSW, NRNW, NRMW, and NRSE at the Network Switching Centers (NSC). The NSCs will be located at these facilities:. Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, supporting NRSE and NRSO. Naval Support Activity (NSA) Crane, supporting NRMA and NRMW. Naval Base (NB) Pt. Loma, supporting NRSW. NB Kitsap - Bangor, supporting NRNW Additionally, ELMR will also support two National Dispatch Centers (NDC) located at these facilities:. NB San Diego. NAS JacksonvilleDispatch, Network/System Management and Key Management will be located at the two NDCs. Each of the centers will be fully capable of assuming the duties of the other as required. Each Navy facility supported by ELMR will also have local dispatch equipment and interoperability equipment. This equipment will be used to support local operations and provide communications between the ELMR System and local agencies.

Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) was installed throughout all European naval bases, providing a secure and reliable means of communication. ELMR will primarily be used for quick, coordinated responses to day-to-day incidents, but can also accommodate the capability and flexibility needed for emergency situations.

ELMR’s hardware, software and data connections, as well as the policies, procedures and facilities that support the equipment are all certified to U.S. Navy standards. Planning for installations at five other sites throughout Europe and the Middle East is currently underway.

A digital, encrypted system, ELMR is being implemented Navy-wide and will eventually interconnect all Navy sites onto one comprehensive communications network. The system in Europe is the first to be fielded and is the first ever fielded system of its kind.

“ELMR technology addresses the critical shortcomings of using separate radio infrastructures – a practice that has been repeatedly proven to be inadequate,”
Link: Map of Navy Region or Installation

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